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Training with Reaction Timer will take you to the next level, improving your brain and body to perform better than ever!


What Reaction Timer Training Offers

Reaction and anticipatory skill are critical aspects of perceptual abilities and have been considered advantageous to a player’s successful performance.


Start training your reaction with our App in just a few seconds. No need for complex hardware or configurations.


Create simple or complex trainings and use both visual and audio cues to train your reaction.


You can customize the predefined trainings or create your own trainings according to your specific needs.

Connect Multiple Devices

You can connect up to 6 devices to create complex reaction drills.

Reaction Training for everyone

Unlike other Reaction Training Apps, our App doesn’t need additional hardware. You just need your iPhone or iPad to access all features.



Simple yet Powerful features to make the most of your reaction trainings.


Reaction training made Easy.

Training Library

Access a complete library of predefined trainings that you can use to improve your performance.


Create your own trainings from a template or customize our predefined trainings.

Create Sounds

Record new Sounds to use on your trainings.

Import Images

Import custom Images for your reaction trainings.

Connect up to 6 devices

Create complex reaction routines with multiple devices.

Good performance

Excellent user experience.


Collect data about your reaction time.

iOS Compatible

Use our App on your iPhone or iPad.

Apple Watch App

Control your trainings with your Apple Watch.



Check out our user interface. Optimised to simplify your reaction trainings.



Hear what people have to say about Reaction Timer Training

Great app either you are doing reaction training for a particular sport or simply circuit training on your gym or box - I finally found an app for my tabata training.

Luís Carvalho

Very nice App! Really what I was looking for. Great for all sports reaction training.

Ruth Bishop

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